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Star Citizen V2.6.2

Data wydania: 2017.03.31

New Features

Game Systems

  • Star Marine
  • Added a “+25 Headshot” bonus reward for killing players with a projectile shot to the head.
  • Last Stand scoreboard now shows the number of Control Points captured.
  • Enemy players attempting to enter a spawn room will now be killed by the spawn room barriers in Last Stand.
  • Temporarily disabled the ability to prone or melee in Star Marine.
    • Melee and prone have been removed for the time being as they allow for too many exploits.
    • We are actively working on a fix for these kinds of collision exploits and once this is completed, we will re-enable these features.
  • Last Stand now requires six players to start, instead of eight.


  • The Drake Buccaneer has been added to the game and enabled for Crusader and Arena Commander.


  • Mega Map
    • Mega Map is now enabled for multiplayer Arena Commander and Star Marine maps.
    • The new Mega Map system allows for much quicker loading time when switching between maps.
    • It is not enabled for Crusader or Area 18 at this point.
  • Screen Resolution
    • With 2.6.2 we have added support for very wide screen (21:9) screen resolutions in our game and screen resolutions.
    • Fixed a number of issues with the game UI and menus that would occur when monitors were set to 21:9 aspect ratio resolution.
  • Serialized Variables
    • Serialized Variables replaces some of the original aspects of CryEngine for handling data (aspects and class members) previously serialized by CryEngine NetSerialize calls. In simpler terms, it’s a much more lightweight means for handling update messaging on the network, with reduced risk of updates being lost in caching or other processes – and reducing lag.


Updates and Fixes

Star Systems

  • Crusader
    • Fixed the radius of the black box mission area on ICC Probe Mission 7.
    • Fixed an issue with ASOP terminals in Port Olisar and GrimHex becoming unresponsive.
    • The “Cellin” Quantum Travel nav point has been temporarily removed as it was hampering selection of the Kareah nav point.
    • Fixed an issue where the Wanted Level UI would disappear after certain character actions.
    • Fixed an issue where the radar would move depending on terrain.
    • Fixed an issue where wanted levels did not persist.
  • Area 18, ArcCorp
    • Fixed an issue where audio from passing ship traffic was not appropriately muffled inside of shops.
    • Hangars
    • Fixed a number of issues where audio would go missing within the hangars.
    • Fixed erroneous collision found in Revel & York and Aeroview.
    • Fixed an issue causing players to see the hangars in grey should they have exited an Arena Commander or Star Marine match before it had started.
  • Million Mile High Club
    • Fixed an issue preventing players from getting into the Million Mile High Club.

Game Systems

  • Leaderboards
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to navigate between game modes on the in-game Leaderboard.
    • Corrected an issue preventing the game and website Leaderboards from displaying the same information.
    • Fixed several placeholder text issues on the in-game Leaderboard.
    • Added the Pirate Swarm game mode to the in-game Leaderboard.
  • Arena Commander
    • Fixed an issue with the helmet radar staying active when spawning in a vehicle
    • Fixed an issue with back buttons becoming unresponsive if a player was invited into an Arena Commander private match.
    • Fixed an issue with the ship hologram becoming inoperable in the AC loadout screen.
    • Fixed an issue with the checkpoint numbering on Race Mode, so that the first checkpoint now starts with 1 instead of 0.
    • Fixed an issue where the Racing Mode was giving large amounts of REC for minimal participation.
    • Fixed an issue in Old Vanderval where the announcer would state the wrong direction after the fourth checkpoint on each lap.
    • The Arena Commander “End of Game” camera mode will now watch dead players if there’s nothing else.
  • Multi-Region
    • Changed “ALL” to “Best” in the region drop down menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Region” button would stop working if player backed out of the Universe screen and returned to it in the same session.
  • Star Marine
    • Fixed an issue so that the On-Foot radar no longer orients to the ground and instead orients to the player.
    • Fixed an audio issue with the “Ace Killed” announcement in Star Marine
    • Fixed an issue where the start of match countdown audio would sometimes play twice in Star Marine.
    • Fixed an issue where vaulting in certain areas of a Star Marine match would cause the player to float briefly.
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to fall off the map in Star Marine when jumping down certain staircases.
    • Players should no longer match make into games with less than half of the game time left.
    • Fixed an issue where players could go into the negative numbers for kills.
    • Fixed an issue where Star Marine music would continue into other aspects of the game should the player leave their current match early.
    • Fixed an issue where REC would not be awarded after a set of matches.
    • Adjustments have been made to the cooking grenade audio to make it more recognizable.
    • Fixed an issue where using a MediPen while sprinting would cause the player to lose their weapon.
    • Spawn points have been adjusted in OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed an issue with the Outlaw loadout page where there was incorrect spacing.
    • Fixed an issue where players could change loadouts specific for one mode in the opposite within Star Marine.
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong announcer was present in Star Marine.
    • Last Stand
    • Fixing an issue where the number of MediPens weren’t being reset at the end of a round of Last Stand.
    • Dead players in Star Marine no longer have access to the fixed stage cameras in Last Stand game modes.
    • Moved Terminal A on Echo Eleven upstairs for the Last Stand game mode.
    • Fixed an issue where dead players received Terminal Hack Assist points.
    • Level Fixes
    • Fixed a gap in the floor in Echo Eleven.
    • Changed background image for Star Marine Lobby.
    • Fixed an issue with the Loadout screen in the Star Marine being offset.
    • Fixed a number of floating props in OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed an issue where gravity was not properly setup in OP Station Demien on landing pad C.
    • Fixed issue with rocks clipping through areas of Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed a number of collision issues in OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven maps.
    • Fixed some lighting glow effects in Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed a number of minor prop graphic issues in Echo Eleven and OP Station Demien.
    • Fixed a number of issues with shadow and lighting culling on Echo Eleven and OP Station Demien.
    • Fixed a number of decal issues and blood splatter conflicts in Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed an issue with Echo Eleven that allowed players to see through the map.
    • Fixed erroneous collision found on OP Station Demien.
  • Camera Modes
    • Changed term “Director Mode” to “Advanced Camera Controls” in the options menu
    • Fixed an issue with the helmet radar staying active when spawning in a vehicle
    • Created a new chase camera with no rotation controls for Star Marine game modes.
    • Fixed an issue where dead players would appear distorted when watched in Spectator Mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the character helmet would be visible for a frame when switching between first person spectator views.
    • Fixed an issue where the driver of a Greycat Buggy could not look around after cycling camera from 1st to 3rd person.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Spectators from leaving a match should they be the last person present in the level.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Spectator’s game audio from becoming corrupted.
    • Fixed an issue where Spectators could not enter third person cameras.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spectator camera would drift should multiple direction command by input at the same time
    • Available cameras for players and Spectators have been adjusted per game type and map.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spectator would see themselves as the winner of a Star Marine round should all other players leave the match.
  • Social Module
    • Fixed an issue with the “Add Contacts” field, where entered text would remain after player exited the menu and came back.
    • Fixed an issue where the Contacts List was not updating until player restarted client or changed instances.
    • Fixed an issue where the backspace key was not working in the Contact List on the Main Menu Screen.
    • Fixed an issue where online contacts were not appearing at the top of the Contacts list.
    • Fixed an issue where lobbies were capped below their maximum amount possible.
    • Party members will now correctly appear at the top of the online contacts list
    • Fixed an issue where chat displayed the incorrect name for players.
    • Fixed an issue where players in a party could receive invites from another party.


  • Fixed an issue where ship thruster audio was still playing after leaving an Arena Commander match and going back to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the CF-117 Badger Repeater that would cause it to loop over and over again.
  • Fixed an issue where the KLWE Mass Driver, Behring MSD-221 “Marsden” Missile Rack, and N4 turret were not showing up in game after being purchased with REC.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become invisible and invincible after logging out and back into game while flying a Gladius or Gladiator.
  • Fixed an issue where flight settings such as G-Safe and Comstab would be reset to default upon respawning or exiting QT.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tigerstreik T-21 Gatling Gun audio would loop when fired.
  • Increased the ammo carried on Gatling weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where pilots would float upwards out of their chairs should their ship remain stationary for a period of time.
  • Fixed a number of small spelling errors on ship decals.
  • Fixed an issue causing ship thruster effects to turn off suddenly.

Individual Ships

  • 300 Series
    • Fixed an issue with the 300i where the entry animation was not aligned properly with the ladder.
    • Fixed an issue with the 315p where the ladder was not properly aligned with the ship.
    • Fixed an issue with the 350r so that it can correctly use missiles.
    • Fixed some audio reverb issues with the weapons on the 350r. * Herald
    • Fixed an issue where the Herald’s main thruster visual effects were missing.
    • Changed the “Use” prompt on the Herald pilot seat to say “Enter Seat”.
    • Fixed an issue where the throttle base moved when accelerating or decelerating in the Herald.
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s hands did not properly align with the controls in the Herald.
  • Caterpillar
    • Fixed an issue where collision in within the ship would push players out of the ship.
  • Hornet Series
    • Fixed an issue where the lower-left MFD screens were sized very small for Hornets.
    • Fixed an issue with the Hornet Ghost where the pilot’s seat was too far back.
  • P-52 Merlin
    • Fixed an issue with the weapon audio on the Merlin occasionally getting caught in a loop.
  • Mustang
    • Fixed some minor animation issues with the Mustang Gamma, Alpha, and Beta.
  • Redeemer
    • Fixed an issue with very bright light glow from the Redeemer in the hangar.
  • Vanduul Scythe/Glaive
    • Added temporary MFD’s to the Scythe and Glaive to allow the pilot to view certain information.
    • Fixed an issue where flares fired forwards from the Glaive.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the camera from panning properly around the Scythe.

First Person

  • Added audio for using the MediPen while in crouch animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Devastator shotgun audio sounded very weak in both 1st and 3rd person.
  • Made some tweaks to the rifle and pistol audio.
  • Sprint can no longer be used while stowing, unstowing, or swapping weapons.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with the buttons on the pause menu not having audio.
  • Fixed an issue with Arena Commander and Star Marine teams not always showing on the correct side in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the on foot radar could break after exiting a ship that was in landing mode.
  • The Option Menu has received minor updates to be more user friendly.
  • Fixed an issue with the cancel button not having proper audio on the Main Menu screen.
  • Fixed an issue where mobiGlas would malfunction if a pilot accessed it while zoomed in.
  • Added audio to a number of menu buttons that were missing it.
  • Removed the “Cycle Weapon” from the mouse wheel for the default mappings.


  • Fixed an issue causing an error code 20007 disconnection.
  • Fixed an issue causing music to play prematurely.
  • Fixed an issue causing VFX audio from playing properly.
  • Made some tweaks to improve music transitions throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not select your universe’s region after using the back button.
  • Fixed an disconnection issue when attempting to equip multiple pieces of armor or a flight suit.
  • Fixed a number of client crashes.
  • Fixed a number of server crashes.
  • Reenabled TrackIR.


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