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Chris Roberts na Dice Las Vegas 2015

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Generalnie cała wypowiedź to podsumowanie dlaczego  w jaki sposób powstał, gdzie jest obecnie i dokąd zmierza Star Citizen  Zaloguj się aby zobaczyć tę zawartość. /emoticons/default_biggrin.png">.
Trochę ciekawych liczb z wypowiedzi:

  • 72 mln aktualna kwota wsparcia
  • ponad 4,5 mln postów na forum RSI
  • przez 846 dni otrzymaliśmy 1767 aktualizacji (średnio ponad 2 aktualizuje na dzień, od ponad 2 lat).
  • 181 kraje reprezentowane są przez backerów
  • 26030 organizacje graczy,
  • największa Imperium liczy ponad 10.000 członków
  • jest już 745819 backerów

Jeśli ktoś chciałby się pokusić o tłumaczenie cała transkrypcja wypowiedzi poniżej:


  • Good afternoon, hope everyone’s having a good time, etc…
  • Star Citizen talk
  • the theme of Dice 2015 is without borders, if I were going to think of a project that would typify something without borders, I would definitely think star citizen.
  • Star Citizen: Without Borders, or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the crowd
  • 72 million!
  • big number. But, it’s NOT the whole SC story.
  • SC represents a radically different approach to publishing.
  • Success is no fluke.
  • Devs and Publishers can embrace the way SC goes about things.
  • World is changing, CIG decided from the beginning that the technology of today allows CIG to connect with the audience in a very different way.
  • quotes
  • instant communication can take down dictatorships
  • turn good ideas into billion dollar companies (google)
  • and make house cats celebrities (grumpy cat)
  • Time has come to embrace your audience.
  • Join the crowd, join the cloud.
  • No need for a publishers green light, no need to give up their IP, and hopefully not compromising the vision.
  • Kickstarter, Uber, airBNB, all remove the middle man.
  • thought behind SC was go directly to the ultimate audience.
  • true even before initial crowdfunding. Initial plan was to take a Minecraft model, build initial alpha, then share it at a reduced price and continue to build as people join and play.
  • Migrated to using crowdfunding.
  • Funding without Borders
  • started with teaser ‘Golden Ticket’ site, to build community before announcing.
  • 30 days before Kickstarter
  • 10,000 people signed up in the first day
  • By the time they announced the game, had 32000 members before they even said what the game was.
  • Oct 10, 2012, first day of crowd funding campaign in Austin
  • from the beginning, focused on fostering community and engaging and generating content.
  • Energy that comes from that that helps to create excitement and build.
  • Ended the initial funding campaign with a large community of backers from around the globe.
  • kept focus on engaging and reaching out to prospective players
  • instead of focusing on the publisher and deal first, they focused on community
  • Development without borders
  • different approach to talent. Don’t focus on bringing talent in, or fighting with other studios in the same city, instead go to different places where the talent is.
  • Want feedback on the design? Get it before you ship
  • developing a game behind closed doors? ‘dead and buried’
  • in today’s world that’s not what people want. People want to be connected, see progress, get excited.
  • facebook, tumblr, instagram, twitch, all about sharing the experience
  • share dev process and…well, everything.
  • share they go. CR has made many games, and as you’re making the games, in the development process, you see a great many amazing things, and you get excited, but normally you can’t share that outside your group.
  • sharing what you’re doing is exciting for the team, it’s exciting for the people seeing it.
  • CIG allows backers to see everything, including mistakes.
  • always communicating, lots of transparency.
  • Community feel like they’re part of the team. Get to play the game, get to try parts of the game and give feedback. It’s a beneficial process.
  • started in 2012 with ~a dozen developers.
  • in 2015, offices in six cities, across four countries, and two continents.
  • as dev staff and offices grow, so does access to community.
  • LA, Austin, Manchester, UK, in house
  • Illfonic – colorado, Behaviour – Montreal
  • allows the community to visit dev locations, which builds excitement.
  • the team gets excitement from being able to share the game.
  • easier to get up early in the morning to crank out a giant ship that’ll take 6 months to build
  • helps dev team keep enthusiastic
  • instant feedback from backers helps to guide and polish earlier than usual
  • interaction with the community, and the communities energy, motivates the team
  • Communication without borders
  • a press release and some screen shots? Not enough
  • saving up for a few reveals? not enough
  • stage managing an audience? Not enough.
  • none of this works in today’s 24/7 news world.
  • people always want new data to share.
  • youtube, twitter, reddit, these are platforms people use to share their ideas, and they’re doing it all the time
  • concept was to engage with users with that same frequency as people get from other media
  • Daily updates, inside looks on universe and art, everything, almost as it happens in real time
  • live chats on forums
  • fans can interact with dev team and ask questions
  • daily development updates
  • twice weekly full fiction
  • building the universe via the website before they can adventure around and explore
  • detailed monthly reports
  • more in depth than any report that CR used to do with any other dev / production company
  • monthly magazine that covers the process
  • consistent video updates
  • one every 2 days or so
  • multiple weekly web tv shows
  • behind the scenes focus segments
  • meet the devs interviews
  • trailers and ship commercials
  • using game assets, create future space commercials to get audience interested
  • weekly interactive live streams
  • people get to have interaction, see the faces.
  • fan generated / community generated stuff
  • focused on doing a lot of community content
  • Next Great Starship
  • Redeemer (winning ship) added to the SC Fleet
  • Recruiting tool for CIG
  • a few artists that came from the various people working on next great starship
  • committed to doing more of that sort of recruitment, and on bringing in more user content to be official
  • here they mention the official trailer, that was inspired by a fan made trailer (years1hundred!)
  • do a lot of live events for interaction with the audience
  • town halls
  • went over details of persistent universe
  • office tours
  • bespoke events during consumer shows
  • citizen con
  • bring backers together, do a year in review
  • Gamescom in Germany is big
  • Pax East is big, should have around 1200 people
  • Pax Prime
  • SXSW
  • Pax Australia, where they unveiled first glimpse of FPS
  • community appreciates all of the interaction.
  • not something you get in the old school publishing style.
  • People travel from all around the globe to meet CIG
  • Testing without borders
  • lots of games have problems nowadays
  • can’t get online at launch
  • doesn’t feel like it’s polished, bugs and glitches
  • Linux, Firefox, Java, MySQL are all software that focus on constant iteration and an open, collaborative relationship with their users to create a better experience.
  • as we make this game, since it’s going to be large and complicated, why don’t we share elements of the game with the backers, so we can make a better, more polished game, when we’re ready to release it in full
  • essentially the largest testing team ever assembled in the gaming industry
  • hundreds of thousands of people that play early builds of the game
  • big publishers still can’t compete with several hundred thousands of people testing.
  • seen a lot of games falling apart when they release, this helps stop that.
  • the community helps to polish and iterate the features, which allows CIG to advance the game further than Chris could have done with the old model
  • best focus group you can get, because these are people that have loved the kind of game enough to give you money.
  • helps on the back end and the network side, which is usually a problem when you open the game up live.
  • collect a huge amount of metrics from the user base, helps make judgements on balance and playability
  • publish without borders
  • no physical goods, no geographical borders, no-one taking a bite out of the apple
  • steam, itunes, netflix, they’ve all trained consumers that virtual’s more convenient, so why not deliver your game direct? cut out the middle-man
  • CIG keep 97 cents of every dollar that’s pledged
  • give a little away to paypal or credit cards
  • don’t have to deal with foreign distribution or loaded manufacturing costs
  • can reach backers all around the world that they wouldn’t normally have been able to reach with the old retail module
  • Ship commercials get play on news sites, get shared, gets awareness, brings people in.
  • ambition without borders
  • how they’ve raised 72 mil so far
  • build an ambitious, unparalleled game, based on a new IP, which is huge for this scale of budget, in a genre that most people considered dead, on a platform that most people wrote off, which is PC.
  • no-one’s writing off PC anymore
  • 72 mil isn’t the most important number though. What numbers do matter?
  • over 4.5 million forum posts
  • huge amount of community engagement
  • 1,767 developer updates
  • over 846 days. over 2 updates a day, for over 2 years.
  • 469 videos shared
  • 181 countries represented by backers
  • 26,030 player organizations, the largest has over 10,000 members.
  • Imperium
  • 745,819 supporters!
  • Star Citizen is a community without borders. that’s the secret of the success
  • keeps CIG going, and will help them build the best game.
  • CIG has shifted the paradigm of funding, development, communication, publishing, and community, to better align with today’s connected, sharing, involved world.
  • So can you! (so says CR)
  • lots that CIG does in open development and community engagement can be used by anyone, and can benefit anyone.
  • Definitely the way a lot of development will happen in the future.

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