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  1. Disco is starting with a "history of object container streaming" before they do the Q&A.
  2. For 3.3 they're focusing on client-side OCS but the servers should eventually also benefit from it but unloading areas where no players are present.
  3. OCS primarily loads and unloads content around you based on distance and size of the objects. Larger objects like planets are loaded further away than smaller ones like ships.
  4. What to load and unload is handled entirely by the server.
  5. Distant objects will receive fewer updates from the server.
  6. Bind culling is in a state where they consider it feature complete. Addition: it is the tech used by OCS to load and unload entities, so the two technologies are closely connected. "Bind culling is server-side control of OCS on your client."
  7. Client-side OCS is required for Squadron 42 as well.
  8. Q: "Where are the hours (dev time) going right now?" A: (paraphrased) essentially putting it all together, making sure the client is telling the server when it is finished loading a container, a planet for example, so that it can then load the objects inside the container.
  9. Talking about state synchronization, making sure that objects end up in the correct state when they are streamed in on the client.
  10. QA is using "zombies" (headless clients?) to test what happens when players are around everywhere on the server.
  11. Every single object in the game has or had to be updated to support object container streaming, so the potential for bugs is large.
  12. Because of async spawning, all object components now have to be thread-safe. (Components in an entity-component model sense, not ship components.) Edit: they have to be spawned thread-safe.
  13. There was no good way to make Lua (scripting language) thread-safe, which is the reason why they had to convert all existing Lua code to C++.
  14. On good builds that aren't broken, QA is reporting "drastic performance improvements", but they don't want to over-sell it.
  15. That was the "deep background", now they're taking questions. xD
  16. Q: "Can we expect performance improvements in the first iteration of OCS?" A: Your mileage may vary. Server load is going to be heavier due to larger world, but clients will have less in memory.
  17. Q: Why are client and server OCS split? Why not both at the same time? A: Server-side streaming requires extra tech; they wanted to get client-side OCS in first.
  18. Q: How will OCS affect view distance? A: it shouldn't. Entities are unloaded at large distances when they are "pixel-sized".
  19. Missed the question, but they're talking about OCS reducing the game's memory footprint.
  20. Q: How deep can containers go? How many containers can be within containers? A: No limit. A solar system is a container, a planet is a container, stations are a container and each room is a container.
  21. Q: Biggest challenge developing OCS? A: You'll get a different answer from everyone, but async spawning of entities is a big one. Interdependencies also, waiting for other developers to finish something before you can continue. "Four-deep dependencies." QA says since OCS touches everything they need to test everything.
  22. Q: Funniest bug testing OCS? A: Trying to catch an AI who is running away from you, they reach the streaming distance and unload, then you catch up to their last position and the server sends an update moving them away again.
  23. Q: What hardware (RAM, CPU, GPU) benefit most? A: RAM, but they're adding more stuff as memory is freed up. "We will be finding out the improvements together."
  24. Q: Does OCS have drawbacks? A: Mainly finding all the bugs caused by entities unloading and streaming in again.
  25. Q: When OCS releases, how can the community identify OCS-related bugs specifically? A: Report any bugs and the devs will sort them out, but maybe objects popping in or jumping around.
  26. Q: How does it play into Sq42? A: Mainly the size of the map.
  27. Q: What do you want people to understand about OCS? A: It has been a few years since they started working on it, so it has taken a massive amount of time and effort to develop. It has touched every part of the game and had/has the potential to break everything. It's also worth remembering that OCS is based on object containers themselves, which they developed 3.5 years ago. The first release of OCS will not be all of it, since server-side OCS is yet to come. It will still take a lot of testing. "Your help on this is going to be appreciated."

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