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[] Mining Rocks: October 2946

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October 2946



More than Mines

When people hear the name Shubin Interstellar, most think about our expansive mineral extraction, but we all within Shubin know that we’re so much more than that. We make the universe a better place. Our strict safety protocols have helped shape regulations around the Empire and improved mining conditions for everyone. We are a source of stability. Our drive to hire more contractors has led to hundreds of partnerships with independent operators and provided them a stable source of income. We help people achieve their dreams. The majority of Shubin’s executives were promoted from positions within the company, which demonstrates our commitment to providing each and every one of our employees a path to success.

People often wonder what it takes to run a successful operation of this scale. Most believe it boils down to performing good risk assessment, outlining a clear core competency or some other trendy business term. While those elements are important, they’re not what drives success. What’s most important is providing a structure and environment that encourages employees to do their best work, because when workers succeed then so does the company.

Honestly, that’s what makes me so proud to be running Shubin Interstellar. It’s not the soaring profits, which have now risen in 14 consecutive quarters. It’s not that collectively we’re extracting hundreds of tons of resources each and every second. It’s the fact that these goals were reached because we let our employees do their job to the best of their ability and they delivered.

From the meeting rooms to the mine shafts, it is you, the employees, that have turned Shubin into what it is today. Mining may be our business, but you are our future.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at a number of Shubin improvements.

Asura-ing Clean Water

It is no secret that Asura in the Ferron System is struggling. For centuries, Asura’s vast deposits of rare mineral made the system rich and powerful. Yet, when those major lodes began to play out, most mining companies picked up and left with little regard for what would happen next.

Not Shubin. Instead of leaving, we stayed. We understood that when a planet sacrificed so much to make this Empire what it is today, it didn’t deserve to be abandoned in its time of need. Today, we’re bringing jobs back to Ferron through a number of programs. We’re using cutting-edge mining technology to search for previously undiscovered resources on Ferron II, and we’re contracting with numerous system-native haulers, bringing steady paychecks to residents.

Most importantly, five years ago we began our ‘Asura-ing Clean Water’ program. Mining runoff has contaminated many of the planet’s water sources and severely impacted civilian life. So, we here at Shubin Interstellar have dedicated ourselves to being part of the solution. Recently, we completed the clean-up of over 20 square kilometers of water contaminated by spilled wastewater.

But we won’t stop there. Asura still needs our help, so we have dedicated Shubin resources to cleaning up three additional sites. Hopefully, our example will encourage other companies to also come to the aid of those on Asura and bring a new beginning to one of the oldest parts of the Empire.

Corporate Office Upgrades

It took a lot of work, but it was worth the wait. We recently completed a number of upgrades to our corporate office on microTech. Much of the work went into enhancing the existing communications infrastructure to help ensure that information transfers will be faster and more secure.

We also made important upgrades to our on-site employment opportunity terminals to help make our contractors’ experience interfacing with Shubin as pleasant as possible. As our work with contractors continues to expand, we expect to see an increase in foot traffic from those looking for information on the best mining and hauling jobs around. Now that these improvement are done, we’re ready to put our best face forward and succeed together!

Anonymous Tip Line

Remember, the future of Shubin Interstellar is in your hands. Don’t let fraud, corruption, theft or other unethical behavior ruin it for us all. Please comm our tip line to report any illegal behavior. All tips will remain 100% anonymous. There’s no reason to be intimidated. Do the right thing and inform us if you see something suspicious.


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone.

Welcome to Vale Sure Scans

Vale Sure Scans is one of the premier scanning operations in the Horus System, and the latest independent operator to join the Shubin family. Formed by childhood best friends Alicia Sanders and Gerald Bley, the company has been a fixture in the Horus System for the past eight years. Recently, their finely tuned Terrapin found the Pharoah’s lode located within the center of Horus Belt Alpha. Now, Shubin Interstellar is excited to put Vale’s expertise to work in Horus Belt Beta. If you happen to find yourself in system, comm the fine folks at Vale Sure Scans and welcome them into the fold.

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